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The Perfect Man

The Concept

Lord Rama

The march of The Ramayana hero  re-told in a documentary for today, the extra-ordinary journey driven by love and loyalty; faced with enemies and choices Rama had to decide the right moral path to take, reflecting the struggles and blessings that still manifest in the lives of people in the C21st.

This epic love story has contemporary resonance– Lord Rama personifies the Ideal Man of love, honour, dharma, duty and culture – he is the man everyman still aspires to be. This documentary will appeal beyond India and the Indian diaspora to all denominations and generations across the continents.

Lord Rama is internationally appealing because he communicates the magnanimity of faith and demonstrates the importance of having the courage to do the right thing

Lord Rama belongs to everyone- Lord Rama is central to Hindu core values and consciousness but he also has a special significance to Muslims; no wedding in Indonesia is complete without Rama in shadow puppets. The Khmer Empire legacy of Hindu Buddhist fusion is still alive in today’s Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Rama’s divine principles against the hardships and adversities that present themselves during his years in exile show Rama’s everlasting influence on personal integrity, art, literature in the C21st

People along the way and distinguished Indians, international academics and people of culture will talk about the virtues that make Rama The Perfect Man. Ramayana authorities will share the eternal relevance of the treasures of India’s past; Buddhists, Sikhs and Muslims will be represented explaining the importance of Rama.