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The Perfect Man


Lord Rama with bow

I have been travelling to India for thirty+ years, I do not claim to be any sort of expert about faith, Hinduism or India or anything else, only an admirer of Indian traditions and of the Indian mind.  I hope to follow in Rama’s footsteps and travel from the majestic plains of Ayodhya, through forest life and the Vindhya’s mountain to the emerald shores of Lanka. The plan is to observe contemporary India against the backdrop of the Ramayana, interesting people along the way will introduce the significance of the locations and tell why Rama and Sita are still so important today.

If I make innocent mistakes along the way I sincerely regret any offense inadvertently caused.

I am a practical idealist and romantic with an amateur history in film documentary (The Last Maharaja)- fashion (10 years Vogue Fashion Editor)- retail (Laura Ashley Director)- opera production (Fundraising to benefit The Mulberry Bush School) and presently reporting for writing The Sunday Guardian- India. 

here are some of my writings about Ayodhya:


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Ayodhya Part 3 – Impressions during an audience with Shri Sanjay Das

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Ayodhya Part 5 – Discovering the Ramayana in Sri Lanka